Passive Profit Streams Earning Residual Income As Asian 2018

I am A Chinese Born in Malaysia who has lost my job as senior web developer as describe at about me here.


Earning a truly passive income is the ultimate goal for most of the internet marketers and you could very easily consider it to be an absolutely ideal situation in terms of finances and business.

What is passive income?

In my experience, the best form of passive income:

Building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow, and growth to happen without requiring a your presence.

That doesn’t mean you haven’t worked for it though – it just means you’ve planted your seeds so that you can profit long into the future.

In other words, you invest some time now that is capable of generating income from then on. You might even continue to work on this income generating machine in your spare time to scale it further, or to keep it going, but the point is that you don’t have to actively trade your time for money any more. Another benefit of this, it free yourself ,so you can doing thing you like building another business model to stacking up your income stream.

Once you have a passive business model, you can literally continue to earn money while you’re sleeping.


Working online increases your freedom to a great extent because it allows you to choose how and when you work. But if you’re providing a service to a client, then that’s still not true freedom. At the end of the day, if you take time off, you lose money. And you can still upset your clients and end up losing your means of income.

But with passive income, you really do get to experience true freedom. Now you can choose to take the entire day off, or to refrain from working for the next week even.

Type of passive income stream you can build:

Google play developer

Skill Level: Level 5

Time Consume: 2- 3 days

Earning: Minimum USD3 to unlimited

Screenshot above showing one of my adsense account earning through my google play developer account, everage earning is USD 4.50 per day. It is not much , but the workload i have done to make this income require me 2 to 3 days setting up, then publish to google store, and let it get user install organic.

Youtube Channel

Skill Level: Level 7

Time Consume: at least 6 month

Earning: Minimum USD5 to unlimited

Above Screenshot show my 3 youtube channel i created on 2016, it generate me everage 2- 3 k USD permonth in total.

Affiliate Marketing – Amazon Affiliate

Skill Level: Level 4

Time Consume: at least 6 month

Earning: Minimum USD50 to unlimited

Screenshot Above is result i get from my 2 success affiliate website after dozen of website i created which is failed to generate any income. Once you hit the sweet pot, you only need to sending in traffic to your website, and tuning your website for better conversion.

Affiliate Marketing – Click Bank Affiliate

Skill Level: Level 2

Time Consume: at least 4 month

Earning: Minimum USD10 to unlimited

Click Bank Affiliate provide us a way to promote product without you to create a product in advanced. There is alot of lucrative product you can promote and earn commisions, day by day , even while you sleep.

Instagram- Affiliate, shoutout

Skill Level: Level 3

Time Consume: at least 2 month

Earning: Minimum USD10 to unlimited

Screenshot above show current shoutout price which you can sell if your instagram account reach 20k above.

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